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In Memoriam

Dan Swetlik

April 7, 1952 to April 10, 2018

It is with a heavy heart we announce that Dan Swetlik passed way last Tuesday.

Dan was more than just a resident of Central Neighborhood. He embodied the essence of being a good neighbor and community member.  He was a larger than life figure whose oversized heart, beautiful music, love of dogs, cars, baseball and big hats, sense of humor, and kind soul will be sorely, sorely missed.

Rest in peace with Dinah and Boomer, dear friend.

Donations to Rocket Dog Rescue are welcome here.  Dan and his wife, Maurine, rescued 3 dogs from Rocket Dog over the course of Dan's life.  Please help them continue their good work in Dan's honor and memory.

    From Dan's Wife, Maurine Killough:


    Daniel Swetlik was born and raised in San Mateo. His father, Edward Swetlik was on the police force for 30 years, retiring in the 80’s as Sargeant. He loved San Mateo. So many of our friends kiddingly called our city “Dan” Mateo, because he was so crazy about it. He went to the Bay usually twice a day with our dog(s). The Fish Market was one of his favorite spots to end his day with a glass of white wine on the back patio with our dog, watching the birds, clouds and sunlight play on the bay. With the coast so close, the redwoods, the bay, the weather, proximity to SF and more, he saw no need to live (or even go!!) anywhere else.


    Shortly after buying our home in 1996 he became block captain and was fairly involved with Central Neighborhood. He loved this neighborhood. He loved this city. He was distressed to experience the density, traffic and development that has been taking away the sweetness of this fine city. I hope you are circulating the petition for the building height limits!

    Lastly, anyone who knew Daniel knew he was an avid dog lover. If you’d like to donate to his favorite charity, Rocket Dog Rescue, visit this link:

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