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12/5: Caltrans Neighborhood Meeting - 101 Express Lanes Project

Wednesday - December 5, 2018

6:30 - 8 pm

Sunnybrae Elementary School

LGI Room - 1031 S. Delaware Street San Mateo.

101 Managed Lane Project with Express Lanes.

This meeting will be for residents on the west side of 101.

* Go to to get the information on the Caltrans 101 Managed Lane Project with Express Lanes.

* Caltrans will share updates about the project that would involve creating new Express Lanes on 101. Meeting will include updates about findings from noise studies.

* The two Express Lanes on 101 (one going South and one going North) will increase the traffic volume and noise for the residents along the 101 Freeway.

* The current 8 ft sound wall is inadequate and brings more health impacts - aesthma to children and seniors.

* There is no protection from the diesel particulates from the 11.5 ft smoke stacks from trucks with the current 8 ft. low wall.

* There is more noise bounce in backyards and other outdoor uses with this low 8 ft. sound wall.

* Bring all your neighbors to the meeting and ask for a 14-16 ft sound wall with vegetation for environmental protection. We need to fill the LGI Room!

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